My name is Dawn Fletcher and for the past twelve years now I have been on a transformational journey of awakening, inner exploration, discovery and remembering.


I am a healer by nature, originally training as a chartered physiotherapist and running my own practice for many years. In 1999 I felt a strong desire for change arising within me, which culminated in me leaving the medical profession and moving to North Devon with my husband and family to run a campsite.


In more recent years I have been drawn back to therapy in a different format. I am passionate about ancient shamanic healing, vibrational medicine, and working with plants, herbs and sound to help people heal their wounds and traumas, connect with nature and discover the

magical sacredness of who they truly are.

Since the age of 7 recurrent illness has been a prominent pattern in my life. At the time, though I remember little of it, the doctors believed I had leukemia. As it turns out I was finally diagnosed with glandular fever otherwise known as infectious mononucleosis, caused by the Epstein-Barr virus.


This virus then continued to impact throughout my life with recurrences of glandular fever at 15, again at 22, followed by numerous other long-term bouts of exhaustion and hormonal imbalances. My immune system had been compromised and was not really coping with a busy 21st-century lifestyle, trying to nurture a family and run two businesses and at the age of 42, I was diagnosed with ME or chronic fatigue syndrome.


Everyday simple things like reading or even watching TV became a real challenge as I was engrossed in brain fog. My joints were painful and my muscles were weak. I felt totally exhausted. I gradually worsened over a 2 year period until, one morning as I sat quietly crying in bed, I decided enough was enough. I couldn't continue to live in this way and I was determined to face whatever I needed to get better, to feel healthy and well once again.


And that was when my journey really started...


The first shift began when I read Louise Hay's book - You Can Heal Your Life. Although full of "Americanisms", which can put us Brits out of our comfort zone somewhat, it struck a huge chord with me and really helped me to begin to see life differently. 

I could see how the choices I had made were influencing my physical state, how emotional and mental issues can manifest significant changes within the body, and just how little credit, encouragement, and gratitude I ever gave to my mind, body, and soul.


I could see how for most of my life I had lived a very conditioned way always trying to achieve the cultural 'norm'. I grew up with the intention to be a good daughter, a good student, get married and become a good wife, mother and eventually (yes it happened in 2016) a grandmother. Yet rarely in all those years did I feel truly worthy or good enough for anything or anyone.


Slowly, and with the help of a few special souls, I have returned to good health. I am blessed to have experienced some powerful healing and teaching from some amazing people, who have become dear friends. I remembered how to fully tune into my own intuitive knowing, how to connect with the invisible realms of the spirit world and how to work with the cosmic energy of the universe. 


It has taken time, discipline, determination, patience and some fairly hefty healing crises. It has taken strength and courage to face my fears as well as having to own up and become fully responsible for all my actions. It has taken persistence and acceptance, and every day continues to be a new step on the path.


However, I see life now from a fresh perspective as I walk through this extraordinary journey and I am impassioned to help do the same.

I would love to help you unravel your worries and deal with your personal challenges... to help you find your way so that you can discover the truth of who you really are and begin to enjoy life to the full.


health  :  love  :  abundance  :  happiness :  well-being  :  peace  :  vitality  :  passion  

About Newberry Valley

The majority of sessions, courses, workshops, and retreats are held at our luxury campsite called Newberry Valley, located on the edge of the seaside village of Combe Martin in North Devon.

With over 60 acres of fields and ancient oak woodland, this tranquil valley offers the perfect environment for healing. Being only five minutes walk to the beach, visitors and guests can truly enjoy the personal 'recharge' that occurs when you reconnect to the energies of the natural world.

My office and treatment room provides a warm and comfortable place for one-to-one sessions and has adjacent rooms which make it ideal for small intimate workshops and courses too.

On-site there is also an additional small studio which is used for yoga, pilates, meditation sessions, and retreats.

There is ample space for parking for sessional visitors and some clients make the most of the opportunity to get away by bringing their tent, touring caravan or motorhome and staying on-site. There are two cosy shepherd's huts for hire!