Seeds For Change


Women, in particular, have been vilified for thousands of years however now times are changing and opportunities are arising for women to fully express and become, returning to living in balance and harmony with nature and assisting our menfolk to the same end.


The Seeds For Change gatherings aim to offer primarily women an environment which supports and assists the processes involved to transform from the seed of potential into blossoming, through nurturing a relationship with nature, with others and most crucially with oneself. 


She's coming into her power...

She's come to the realization that there is no reality that is relevant to her life other than the one that she perceives and claims as her own.

There is no good thing, bad thing or in-between thing, even if the whole world agrees...
Nothing is set in stone for her unless she decides that it is so.

She is taking the biggest step in self-responsibility, a step that will not allow her to see herself as a victim of circumstances because she has come to the conclusion that nothing has the power to enter her life without the agreement of her soul...


And even though she would never have consciously chosen the disease that she suffered, nor the loss of her home, nor the break up of her marriage, nor the poverty that ensued...
These things happened to her, they were decreed by some force, some law of attraction connected to her soul's purpose and the ensuing choices from the past that set into motion the events in her "now"...
Links that her mind is unaware of that are privy only to her all-knowing soul.

She no longer sees anything as a mistake or believes that she is a victim of chance or coincidence...
She also doesn't believe in a punishing God.
For her, it's not about deserving what comes but the fact that what comes always has a hidden gift to offer her that serves her awakening, but it is up to her to find it.

She's aware that there is more to these connections than an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth... Karma to her is the hand with an offering that says, "here's an opportunity that you are ready for, what are you going to make of it?

How is it going to transform you?

Are you going to change course or repeat the same old path?
"Is this going to make you "bitter or better?"


She's aware of the connections
Aware of the opportunities that come with each "seeming" ill-fortune…
She knows that the purpose of these challenges is not to destroy her but to open her further, to bring forth her dormant strengths and enable the opening of her heart to herself and to others.

She knows now that even shit has purpose, it's the manure that fertilizes the flowering of her Goddess self.
Knowing this she's not slipping in it and falling flat on her face like she used to, she's no longer blaming the malevolent forces in the world or spinning complaints of woe.

She's in awe of the courageous souls that have chosen a life of sacrifice, often painful or horrific to enable in some way, the awakening of consciousness and compassion in humanity...

She has seen that real victims in this life could very well be victors in the world of spirit.

Yes, she's seeing beyond appearances.
She's seeing a bigger picture outside of her programmed, mutational mind.

She is spinning the thread of her own destiny as she sweeps away her fear, she's learning from her life and trusting the course of her life.

She can see its perfection now and the loving support of the whole that is stripping her of everything that is shrouding the love of Divine Mother that she is.

© Caroline de Lisser

The poem above, written by Caroline de Lisser summarises beautifully the journey of awakening. It is an ebb and flow of realisations with the intention to gracefully maintain balance, and it is my intention that the Seeds for Change gatherings provide the structure for this journey for many women.

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