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health  :  love  :  abundance  :  happiness :  well-being  :  peace  :  vitality  :  passion  


Over recent years, quantum physics has clarified what psychics, healers, shamans and indigenous cultures have known for many hundreds or even thousands of years..... that everything in this world is made of energy!  


When energy flows fluently and in harmony then life feels good, however when it is blocked or imbalances arise then we can begin to experience all sorts of issues such as pain and health problems, money struggles, relationship concerns and career challenges.


In my work, I combine various modalities to assist and support you and your body to heal. The stagnant or blocked energy can originate from trauma or events in this life, in your past lives, and even from your ancestral lineage. Together we delve to discover the root of the issues which are presenting in your life and where they are located.

The practices I use can include intuitive, shamanic and vibrational energy techniques, plant medicine, and sound, and they facilitate healing within your body, mind and soul by clearing and cleansing, promoting integration and empowering you. As you proceed along your healing journey you will begin to embrace your truth and authenticity, experiencing life from a fresh perspective, with a deeper sense of fulfillment.

"I worked with Dawn over five sessions and she really opened my eyes to dreams and possibilities which I thought had passed me by. She resolved issues which had been with me for years. Do not be afraid to try it - you won't regret it. She's amazing !!"

                                                        Sharon S

Having experienced many years of chronic illness and health issues I have a deep empathic understanding of the challenges that can arise and the vicious circle of pain and suffering that can develop.

Seeds For Change Gatherings

Togetherness can make anything feel possible. Isolated and alone, we can feel lost and forget who we are and what we can bring to the world. In unity, we can dare to show, share and explore more of ourselves. We can be inspired and be the inspiration that others need to find their own courage.


Here in North Devon, I occasionally host groups and gatherings which aim to assist primarily women on their journey of awakening, remembering and honouring themselves, through open communication, a circle of support and transformational action.


Working with the energies of the beautiful valley in which I live and its ancient woodland, the Seeds For Change gatherings offer an environment where you can begin to blossom through nurturing your relationship with nature, with others and most crucially with yourself. 


I currently am having a pause in the programme of courses, seminars, and workshops hosted by myself together with some wonderful, skilled and experienced tutors on a variety of topics all designed and created especially to help you find some fresh perspective and inspire you.


health  :  love  :  abundance  :  happiness :  well-being  :  peace  :  vitality  :  passion  

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If you are feeling drawn to book a one to one healing session with me or find out more about classes and events then you can get in touch by e-mail, phone or use the contact form. I will respond as soon as possible.

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