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Mentorship Programmes

These unique programmes have been created for those who want to delve into the unconscious patterns, conditioning and belief systems that are at the root of many of the issues they are facing in life. The mentorship options offer a way for you to search at a more intimate and deeper level over a longer period of time. 


I guide you through a series of processes, practices, and explorations that take us on a journey through your psyche and beyond. Along the way you are likely to experience a roller coaster ride of raw vulnerability and powerful inner strength, grief, courage and love. The rich patchwork of emotions and feelings that have been stored in your cells and your soul can be compassionately released to unearth a more authentic and empowered you.


So are you feeling ready to experience a profound and long-lasting transformational healing journey to reclaim you?

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This unique 6-month programme has been created for you to deepen your connection to and understanding of yourself. We will delve into the ways that the outdated programmes and survival strategies from your early childhood and ancestral lineage can sabotage your growth and life and you will gather a toolbox of practices to help you. 

We can look at various aspects of your life that may be challenging for you including:- 

Health Issues: Having experienced many years of chronic illness and health issues I have a deep empathic understanding of the difficulties that can arise and the vicious circle of pain and suffering that can develop. With a shift of focus, and a determination to do the 'inner work' huge changes can occur bringing healing and renewed energy and vitality when you step out of the old paradigm and look at things very differently.

Money & Work Struggles: There is so much stress associated with money and career. Western culture encourages you to yearn for more and believe there is a sense of scarcity. As a society, we have given money and work far more importance than they deserve - more meaning than human life in some circumstances. By changing your relationship with money and work, you can begin to develop your own sense of self-worth and experience greater fulfillment.
Relationship Problems: Having been married for 35 years I have experienced the many highs, lows, and challenges of loving someone. Let's face it relationships can be very difficult... there are so many factors at play. However whether it's a turbulent love life that you are struggling with or maybe a family member who winds you up to breaking point, there are a number of techniques that can bring about significant transformation to any relationship.

None of these issues is viewed in isolation - we will journey deep into the origins and explore ways to bring about lasting change.

Here is the general outline of the programme although it will be adapted to your needs:- 

Week 1: A "Getting to Know You" session lasting approximately 2 hours

Week 2: A personal healing session lasting approximately 2 hours

Weeks 4, 6, 8 and 10: In-depth sessions lasting approximately 1 hour each and allowing time in between for integration and practices.

Weeks 14, 18, and 22: Deepening and expanding inner work sessions lasting approximately an hour each.

Week 26: Your six monthiversary session where we take a couple of hours to review your progress and celebrate all you have achieved.

The content of the programme will be modeled around your desire and needs... it is not a one size fits all process so the above outline gives you some guidance however within that we have the flexibility to adapt. In between sessions, I offer email support and emergency response sessions if needed.

The cost of this investment in yourself: £695

(Payment plans are available)

If this is something that interests you and you would like to arrange an initial online chat to find out more then please email me.

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Group work can add a fresh dimension to mentorship and inner work. Being part of a circle, part of a tribe enables you to feel the potency of the group holding and beholding, the interplay of being part of something larger. It can offer opportunities for deeper reflection as a result of experiencing directly the possible dissonances and resonances with those around you, and in that exploration, you can find special gifts.

If this is something you might be interested in please email me and I will keep you in touch with upcoming plans for an online group

"Dawn provided a beautiful safe space to allow me to look at and reflect deeply on areas of my life. Her intuitive, knowledgable, loving and gentle way of working helped support me to explore, heal and grow. 

Zoe S

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