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Over recent years, quantum physics has clarified what psychics, healers, shamans and indigenous cultures have known for many hundreds or even thousands of years..... that everything in this world is made of energy!


When energy flows fluently and in harmony, life feels good. However, personal, family and collective traumas that have occurred in this life, in past lives, and from your ancestral lineage can be stored energetically in your cells, and these together with unconscious conditioned patterns and personal beliefs can cause blockages, misalignment or imbalances. These can impact all levels of your psyche and body and can manifest in physical pain, disease and health problems, anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, career challenges and more. To heal we need to uncover and address the root issues, enabling balance and flow once again. 

Healing is not something I do to you - it's a process, not a one-off event. We work together to explore the origins, release the patterns, clear the blocks and bring you back into balance and as the shifts happen I am able to support you as you integrate the changes into your daily life.


So are you feeling ready to embrace your truth and authenticity and experience life from a fresh perspective with a deeper sense of fulfilment?

Here's what clients say...

"What I so appreciate about the way Dawn has worked with me is her assumption that I have the answers inside of me. This approach has reinforced that feeling of trusting myself, my inner knowing and my intuition."

Mary S
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