Working as a shamanic healer, my intention is to assist you in finding the source of your problems and then using effective practices to clear and rebalance your energetic fields in order that you can heal.

Once you start to look at yourself and all around you with fresh eyes

life begins to change.

Why book a session with me?

People may seek my help for all sorts of reasons. For some clients it is simply just feeling of being totally overwhelmed with life, somehow a little lost, lacking confidence and feeling insecure.


Sometimes when you feel like you are trudging through each day with a heavy heart and just putting up with all that life deals, you can benefit from a supportive and caring approach to help you gain clarity.


health issues
Having experienced many years of chronic illness and health issues I have a deep empathic understanding of the difficulties that can arise and the vicious circle of pain and suffering that can develop.
That said, I know from my own example that with a shift of focus, and a determination to do the 'inner work' huge changes can occur bringing healing and a renewed energy and vitality when you step out of the old paradigm and look at things very differently.

money & work struggles
There is so much stress associated with money and career. Our culture encourages you to yearn for more, to believe there's not enough, to experience a sense of scarcity. As a society, we have given money and work far more importance than they deserve - more meaning than human life in some circumstances.
By changing your relationship with money and work, you can begin to develop your own sense of self-worth and experience greater fulfillment.

relationship problems
I have been married for nearly 30 years now and so that means I have experienced the many highs, lows, and challenges of loving someone. Let's face it relationships can be very difficult... there are so many factors at play.
However whether it's a turbulent love-life that you are struggling with or maybe a family member who winds you up to breaking point, there's a number of techniques that can bring about significant transformation to any relationship.


Each session is very individual to the personal challenges that you are experiencing.

What will a session include?

In your first consultation I will ask you to complete an assessment form and then we can talk through some of the challenges you are experiencing. This serves to guide me as to how best to assist you on your path of discovery.


Within the session I will draw upon my own intuition and experience to find ways to assist you, using a combination of techniques.


soul connection and retrieval work
This is where we explore the effects of trauma from circumstances in this life and past lives, looking at how the events have impacted your soul and are limiting you, holding you back or affecting you in some way.


We can release and clear the emotional 'baggage' then integrate missing or rejected aspects of your self which subsequently enables you to regain your sovereignty, empowering you and bringing a greater sense of joy and completeness to your life.


energy healing
This can be hands-on healing, use of plant remedies, crystals or sound. They all work to shift blockages in order to allow flow through your energy centres, releasing cellular memories that are no longer required. It helps to bring balance into your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and so inducing your own natural ability to heal yourself.


meditation and mindfulness
Learning to quieten your mind enables greater clarity and focus, as well as helping you to connect with your heart, bring your higher self into your body and experience the essence of all you truly are.


sacred living practices 
I can help you to open your own intuitive connections with the mystical spirit realm and assist in reconnecting with your own ancestral ways, bringing sacred and conscious practices into your everyday life. Through awareness, you can recognise, acknowledge and accept your anxieties and fears as well as your hopes and dreams.


You can rest assured that I uphold a non-judgmental, confidential and empathic approach in all sessions so that you are able to release and open to a greater awareness of yourself.

How much does it cost?

Sessions cost £80 each.

You may only require one session with me, or you can choose to gain the benefit from a few sessions spread over a period of time to achieve the greatest impact. There is no pressure or obligation at any time.

The first time I met Dawn, it was so clear that I was safe and could open to anything that came along. And it did! What I so appreciate about the way Dawn has worked with me is her assumption that I have the answers inside of me. This approach has reinforced that feeling of trusting myself, my inner knowing and my intuition.

Dawn never made any rash promises of ‘cures’, which I so respected. It is impossible to explain what actually happens during a session with Dawn! There is simplicity and clarity in the energy which seems to trigger something in me which allows me to access ‘information’, and what follows is a release of ‘energy’ – old stuff that no longer serves. I leave sometimes exhausted and yet always excited at the possibilities that could follow. 

Newberry Valley Park is easy to find, it is easy to park, and the room Dawn works from is beautiful. All in all, I relish my time with Dawn.

                                                                                                        Mary S

Where are the sessions held?

I offer the sessions in a lovely private room in Combe Martin, only 5 miles from Ilfracombe and around 11 miles from Barnstaple. 


With Newberry Valley Park, our luxury campsite right on the doorstep, it provides the perfect environment for healing with it's ancient oak woods and the sea only five minutes walk from the entrance.


If you do not live in this area, and are not able to visit but feel that you would like a session with me then I occasionally offer skype sessions for which the charges are the same. 


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Other services available include:

  • Multi-therapy individual healing programmes

  • Personal, business & career development sessions

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