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Healing & Therapy

Over the years I have studied and practised many methods, all of which are focused in some way to bring about healing and balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. My studies and experiences provide me with a wealth of knowledge and I combine this with my intuition as we work together.


We start by talking through the challenges and symptoms you are experiencing and what has led you to me. Each session is unique and individual and may include any one or a combination of the practices outlined below, depending upon where and how we are guided to work.

  • Ancient shamanic and vibrational energy techniques can be used to extract and clear any negative or heavy energies that have been hanging around your energy bodies and limiting you in some way.

  • Ancestral healing is where we look back at your lineage, clear any family curses and bring resolution to unresolved transgenerational trauma that is affecting you even though it originated with your ancestors.

  • Soul-directed sovereignty focuses on soul part retrieval and integration where you may have lost or left behind aspects of yourself in this lifetime and past lives during traumatic experiences.

  • Trauma-informed somatic recovery work examines the energetic impacts on the layers of the body and uses deep listening and counselling practices in combination with energy techniques.

  • Relational practices can be used to explore the relationship you have with yourself and how you relate to others in your immediate sphere as well as the wider world.


We are working with the conscious and shadow (or unconscious) parts of you throughout a session as this is where deep healing can happen. All these modalities facilitate your own natural healing process... I work as the "space holder" to enable and guide the process. Plants are potent healing allies and in some sessions, we may use plant spirit medicine and therapeutic aromatics in the form of essential oils to aid deep inner work and integration. Sound and crystals may also be used to support and deepen the embodied healing process. 


So are you feeling ready to remember your innate sense of self-worth and feel empowered, inspired, and present to whatever life may bring?

How Long?

Each session can take between 1 to 2 hours - sometimes we can go very deep into the healing within the first hour and other times we may progress more slowly and so it can take longer.

How Much?

The charge for a session is £80.

I want this powerful treatment to be accessible to all and so concessionary rates are available on request.


I offer the sessions in a lovely healing room in Combe Martin, only 5 miles from Ilfracombe. If you are not local or you are not able to visit then online zoom sessions can be arranged. 

How many?

You may require only one session with me, or you can choose to gain the benefit from a few sessions spread over a period of time to achieve a greater impact. There is no pressure or obligation at any time.

If you are looking for more of a long-term approach or you are keen to work in a more intensive way for a while then you might want to look at booking a personal mentorship programme.

"Dawn is a remarkable healer. Her ability to instantly make me feel comfortable in unearthing hidden or forgotten parts of myself was both profoundly moving and deeply inspiring."

Bethan L
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